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11/5/2013 - High Steer Conversion System


We have been working on a WJ knuckle conversion kit for the LJ, TJ, XJ, and ZJ model Jeeps. The WJ knuckles are drilled out to 3/4" diameter and we made up a tapered bushing that allows the tie rods from a WJ to be flipped and used on the tie rod assembly. We have used a right hand drive tie rod end on the drag link so it can be flipped also using a tapered bushing. We are using 7075-T651 aluminum for both the tie rod and drag link. This system will use all stock WJ tie rods.

More info coming soon.


9/22/2013 - Dana 30/44 3-Link Truss


We have designed a truss for our 3-link front setup. This will work on a high or low pinion Dana 30 found in TJs, XJs and ZJs. It can be used with or without the over the knuckle high steer track bar mount. Check out the photos for more information and let us know what you think!

More info coming soon.


7/22/2013 - JK Gas Tank Skid Plate R&D


We have started doing some R&D work with Advanced Simulation Technology on our 2 and 4 door JK gas tank skid plates to finish out our line of belly skid plates for the JK. Advanced Simulation Technology has scanned factory skid plates and converted them to SolidWorks models that are with in a thousandths of an inch dimensionally.

More info coming soon.


7/22/2013 - GenRight Off-Road JK Rocker Guards, 4 Door


We installed a set off these on our Clayton Off Road JK with our Long Arm Lift Kit

More info coming soon.


6/25/2013 - 2012 & Up JK HD Cross Member


2012 & Up JK HD cross member went together perfect, time for a production run now!

More info coming soon.


1/8/2013 - KOH Every Man Challenge - ZJ Go-Fast Build


Over the past few months we have been building a 4600 Class ZJ for Miller Motorsports. The ZJ will feature a modified 5.9L motor, as well as parts from Spidertrax Off-Road axles, PAC Racing Springs, Advance Adapters Inc., and Rugged Radios. We are constantly updating the photos as we continue with the build so check back to see the latest upgrades!

More info coming soon.


8/20/2012 - reviews our JK long arm upgrade kit


We are very pleased with every aspect of our new JK long arm systems. From the 3 piece pocket style cross member to the easy bolt on installation process, brings you the ultimate in on and off-road performance. But we can write anything we want on our website, so we let the guys from test it out and see what they had to say.

So what did they have to say, " the JK is fully bolt on, so most backyard mechanics can knock it out in one day. The front is a no-brainer during installation. A very ridged and well-built front cross member " and " We really like the way our Jeep rides on road with the front radius arms. Handling is crisp and predictable, as well as plush and nimble ".

What else did they have to say, " Clayton’s Long-Arm Upgrade kit is impressive. The ride quality on road is the best we’ve experienced with any Wrangler JK kit. "

So check out the full story here.

Please let us know if you have any specific questions about this kit, or any of our other products.


3/2/2012 - Clayton Off Road attends the Tierra Del Sel Event


While we are based out of Waterbury CT, a trip to California is complicated and costly. While our company continues to grow each year, we will try and take more trips out west and down south.

After the first day, we are very happy we made the trip out west and had a chance to experience the west coast experience. This event, the amount of people, and the terrain was amazing. We look forward to making this trip again in 2013. Hope to see you out there.

Shown above is our 2007 JK Unlimited with our 4.5" Long Arm Lift Kit, on 37x13.5 Toyo Open Country MTs on 17" Walker Evans Beadlocks with 4.75 Backspacing.


2/6/2012 - Clayton Off Road sponsored LJ takes 5th place in the Ultra 4 Everyman Challenge.


The King of the Hammers, or KOH has quickly grown to be known as the toughest one day race in the world. Teams from around the world spend months and thousands of dollars building what they hope will be the winning combination.

New for 2012, 2 classes were added, a stock class, and modified. When owner/driver, Jason Kaminsky contacted us about using one of our suspension systems in this grueling race, we knew this would be a great place to put our new Pro Series 3 link suspension system to the ultimate test. Just finishing this race is an accomplishment, and Jason’s 5th place finish in the stock class is a great success.

So what does it take to complete in this stock class? Stock class is limited to a production vehicle with a full frame, body, stock motor, normal springs and shocks, ultimately the type of Jeep you would see driving down the highway and hitting your local trails.

So what’s our recipe? We started with our 5.5” Pro series 3 link front, and 4 link rear [PN 3507010]. Added our front high clearance axle bracket kit, [PN 1100331] and our high clearance rear axle bracket kit, [PN 1200131]. Along with our full skid plate package, [PN 4107200] and Bilstien 5160 remote reservoir shocks, and you have yourself an LJ suspension system capable at about anything you want to do with it. The amazing part about this is these are off the shelf parts that will not only handle any trail you decide to conquer, but comfortably handle everyday driving. The system is smooth, stable and can and is used as a daily driver for many of our current customers. So no matter what your plans are for your Jeep LJ or TJ, we have the suspension system covered.

This Jeep is a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This kit and similar suspension setups are available for the TJ, XJ, ZJ, WJ and JK models. Check out our full line of Jeep long arm systems, and please e-mail us if you have any questions.


2/2/2012 - JP Magazine April 2012 - Clayton WJ 6" Long Arm Install


JP Magazine installs our 6" WJ long arm kit. We sell this kit as an upgrade kit for any customer looking to upgrade their current 4-8" lift. Our WJ 4 Link upgrade kit has a new lower price of $1939 available online, part # 4806010. Or our full 4.5" or 6.0" long arm lift kits which include all the arms and brackets in the upgrade kit, along with springs, disco's and a trackbar. For more information about each kit click here.

And what did JP Magazine have to say about our lift kit, " The finished works amazingly well off-road without giving up any of the WJ's good on-road characteristics." (JP Magazine, April 2012 issue, pg 51)


1/20/2012 - Price Changes for 2012


We have managed to keep our prices the same for the last 3 years. In 2011, many of our costs have gone up. Raw steel, johnny joints, bushings, and powder coating just to name a few. However instead of simply passing on these added costs we decided to take a look at our numbers and see what we can do. With the use of new technologies, we have been able to produce products more efficiently, thus saving time and money. We have contacted all our vendors and in many cases were able to get better pricing due to buying much larger quantities. The bottom line is that many of our prices have stayed the same, a good amount actually were lowered, and only a few went up. So while prices keep rising, we will work hard to keep prices down, yet deliver the quality that Clayton Off Road has always been known for.

And with our continued growth, we are working hard to come out with more top of the line products for 2012. Including our new JK 100% bolt on long arm kit, full skid plates, rocker panels and more.


10/26/2011 - Another great year for Team 222


Team 222 consist of Jay Hopko, and his spotter Jim Smith. They compete up and down the east coast in a Jeep Wrangler TJ using our 5.5" suspension system, our full 1/4 skid plate system, and our high clearance axle brackets. The last 3 years they used our radius arm system, and brought home the series win at Rausch creek each year. For 2011, we installed our new pro series 3 link front, and once again, Team 222 dominated the series by sweeping the series.

We would like to thank Jay and Jim for helping us test and promote our suspension systems, and wish them another great year in 2012!


10/13/2011 - reviews our JK 3.5" Suspension Kit


So what did have to say about our suspension system? " Our Bodo Papenfuhs Jeep turned out better than we expected thanks to Clayton Off Road." " Suspension movement is smooth and controlled" and " Moab was no problem for our Clayton suspension" are just a few of their comments. Read the entire review for more information, great pictures and key information about what makes our suspension systems outperform our competition.



9/26/2011 - JK Front Long Arm


After months of design time, our new JK long arm upgrade kit is ready for sale. This kit was fully designed using the latest Solid Works 3D software which allowed us to build a complicated 3 piece cross member. While difficult to design and manufacturer it gives our customers the best JK cross member on the market. The cross member bolts into the oem location, has the ability to be welded in for additional strength, and has a removable center section for better access to drivetrain components. It also has a pocket design for our forged johnny joint for maximum clearance. Add our tried and proven 2x2 1/4 wall square arms and you have the best JK long arm kit available. Check out more information, pictures and instructions here.


5/1/2011 - Shop Promotional Video


Starting the 5th month in 2011, and what a year it has been. The first few months of this year have kept us very busy, and we continue to work hard to developing new products. Shown here is a promotional video we had filmed and edited to show you what we are about. We take pride in all the suspension components we build right here in Waterbury Connecticut. We have always been around Jeeps, worked on Jeeps, and remain focused on developing the best Jeep components in the industry. Check out the video, tell us what you think. Show your friends, and let us help you build the ultimate Jeep.

Clayton Off Road Promotional Video

Watch, enjoy, let us know what you think.


12/12/2010 - WJ Front Axle Bracket Kit


Our new Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ (1999-2004) front axle bracket kit is in final testing. The original bracket kit we designed had only high clearance lower brackets, which only worked with our long arm, and also gave us some clearance issues when flexing. Therefore the new brackets shown below (last 2 pictures) have multiple holes in them. They are OEM width so stock WJ control arms will fit or any aftermarket arms using WJ width lowers. The lower hole is at the OEM height, so the bracket kit can be installed, and then in order to gain more clearance, the customer can try to use one of the upper holes. The one change which is not OEM is the trackbar mount. Because this bracket kit is designed to be used with either a JK D44, or aftermarket D44 or D60 axles the kit was designed around the use of a high steer arm. This keeps drag link levels nice and flat, for optimal steering, which works perfectly with our adjustable trackbar mount. This will allow you to get a almost perfect trackbar and drag link angle, which is key to minimizing bumpsteer. You will be able to either modify your current trackbar, or we will also offer a trackbar to work with this application.

Please feel free to email us for more information on this new kit.


11/1/2010 - New XJ 3 Link Front Kit


Clayton Off Road is almost finished designing, installing and testing its new 3 link front suspension. This kit is now ready for sale. More information, pictures and available options are shown here.

Please feel free to email us for more information on this new kit.

10/23/2010 - Drop The Hammer Competition 2010

Another fun weekend with a few of our friends. This is an informal event we put together just to have a good time and get together with friends. Most of our friends have well built competition setup buggies, so it makes for some interesting wheeling. This year began with a short rock race course, then some attempts at a greasy hill climb.

Check out this video from the weekend the guys from Heavy Metal Concepts put together. Can you say REV LIMITER.


8/20/2010 - Truck U TV on the Speed Channel - JK Lift Kit Installation

The filming is done, and we are excited to see the show which premieres Sunday, 9/26/2010 @ 12pmEST on the Speed Channel. The 2 hosts of the show will install the full JK 4.5 inch lift kit discussing features and benefits of our lift kit. Watch and see actual installation video in HD with a chance to win anything purchased between 9/1/2010 and 12/10/2010.*** Contest rules, regulations and limitations available upon request.

Show replays

Wed, 9/29/10 @ 3.30pm

Fri, 10/1/10 @ 10am
Sun, 11/7/10 @ 2pm
Wed, 11/10/10 @ 3.30pm
Fri, 11/12/10 @ 10am



5/1/2010 - Clayton Off Road Mfg. Wins another RCrocs Competition

  After 4 successful years of competing, racing and trail riding, Clayton has decided to sell his 4 wheel steer buggy, and begins building a KOH race buggy. Business partner, Adam, purchases the buggy and claims another victory at Rausch Creek. A joke among many competitors is, " Is it a good driver or a good spotter that makes the difference in these competition." Now the joke is, that this buggy just drives itself. The suspension is dialed in extremely well, and allows the driver and spotter to make easy work of most courses.  
2/12/10 - Clayton Off Road Mfg. Completes in the 2010 King Of the Hammers Race
  Clayton Walters story coming soon.  

11/14/09 - Clayton Off Road Mfg. becomes a Jeep Jamboree Vendor

  Clayton Off Road is now a 2010 Jeep Jamboree Vendor and sponsor. We will be donating a 25% off gift certificate to every Jeep Jamboree event. We will also be attending a few Jeep Jamborees on the east coast. As soon as we determine the date and location it will be posted on our website under "Calendar of Events". At the Jeep Jamborees we attend, we will bring our show Jeeps, and a number of items for display. For more information about the events, check out or send us an e-mail to  
11/10/09 - Clayton Off Road Mfg. becomes a Jeep Speed Approved Vendor
  A customer sent us an e-mail with a simple questions, "Are your lift kits approved for Jeep Speed race". Well we know they can handle that type of abuse but are they "approved"? After a few e-mail back and forth, and a phone call or two, Clayton Off Road is now an approved Jeep Speed Vendor. We are also working with Jeep Speed to build a race ZJ with our full 7" suspension system. More information and build pictures will be featured under "Projects" as they become available. This build will take place early next year. For more information about Jeep Speed, rules, event dates, and general information check out their website at  
9/15/09 - Drop the Hammer Competition is almost here.
  Started in 2007, the first Drop the Hammer Competition brought out 20+ friends/competitiors for a fun, yet competitive event. It was a very relaxed event, more focused on fun then competition, which proved to be one of the best competitions we have ever been too. This year we decided to build our own man made course. Trucking in hundreds of boulders, concrete tubes, and large tires to make many unique obstacles which once again should make for a very entertaining event. We are inviting spectators however since this is private property and parking space is limited, space is limited, and you will need to email us for information. Event will take place on Oct 17th rain or shine, in Torrington CT. Here is a LINK to a few pictures while we are testing the new course.  
8/22/09 - Clayton Wins 2009 RCRoc Series
  For the second year in a row, Clayton wins the RcRocs Unlimited class series. The competition definitely stepped it up this year. Many more competitors added rear steer to help close up the points gap, but ultimately Claytons driving, Adams spotting, and this chassis has proven itself time and time again. Constant testing, from trail riding, competitions and events all allows us to build the best suspension systems on the market.  
5/15/09 - Rausch Creek hosts the 2010 KOH Qualifier - Clayton Off Road Takes 2nd Place
  WOW what a race. This was a 62.5 mile endurance race, with rock crawling, hill climbs and high speed driving all put together. The race started with 34 trucks and after 8 hours of racing only 10 finished the race. Once again Claytons buggy held up flawlessly, battling for 1st place back and forth during the entire race. Racing to the finish line we missed 1st place by 18 seconds, amazing since it was almost a 5 hour race. We are very happy with the end result since this was our first high speed race. A few changes will be made for the 2010 race in California, but ultimately this buggy has proven itself time and again, so we are staying with what works.  
5/2/09 - Clayton Wins 1st Place at RCRocs Competition
  Rausch Creek which is located in Pine Grove PA hosts RCRocs. This is 1 day rock crawling competition where driver and spotter work together on 3 courses then a final shoot out. Courses are laid out with cones and the object is not to hit any of them. Not only did we win 1st place at this event, but the 2nd place winner was Eric who was driving a newly built Clayton Off Road built chassis. Both trucks worked flawlessly and are ready for the next race.  
3/16/09 - New products added, Free shipping on all orders over $100
  As of today, our free shipping has been updated. As we add stickers, t-shirts, bushings, housings, laser cut tabs and other lower priced items, we are forced to add shipping on these smaller purchases. All orders under $100 will be a flat $9.75 fee. As we promote our new site, all orders over $100 will still be offered free shipping  
3/2/09 - Clayton Off Road Free Shipping Promotion
  Take advantage of Free Shipping on all items while we début our new website which now features an online store. This free shipping deal will be for a limited time only. While we familiarize ourselves with the new website, and work out all the shipping details, it is easier for us to just offer free shipping. Free shipping deal is only available for the 48 contiguous states. This deal is not to be combined with any other discount, promotions or gift certificates.   
3/1/09 - Clayton Off Road Launches New Website.
  Clayton Off Road is proud to announce its all new website. We have added many new products, information, and the all new on-line store. The website is designed to allow customers to learn about our company, research our products, read the corresponding instructions, view current in house projects, search dealers, contact us, and most importantly, safely and easily purchase Clayton Off Road products. Our main goal for this new website was ease of use, and clear, up to date product information. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please let us know.  
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